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Can New Domain Compete With Old Domain in SERP

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The new domain is not easy to compete with domains that have long been registered. Many webmasters buy a domain name for the investment. They put their domains in domain parking. Once the domain of at least 6 months old they are just starting to build a blog / website. Website domain age is one factor that determines the position of the Google SERP. But other than age would still be a lot of other things like Off page SEO, SEO On page, articles, theme, domain name (. Com,. Net and. Org domain names are preferred over others), SEO company los angeles using dot info domain name, because I want to pursue keywords seo services in los angeles. I also wanted to prove to myself that the domain name to compete with a dot info domain name dot com.

The webmaster generally does not recommend the use of the domain name dot info domains because the prices are cheap, so it is often considered spam by the best search engine optimization services. Each domain name has the eyes of search engine ranking. . Com,. Net and. Org is a domain name that has a top domain name in the Search Engine friendly. If you do not believe anything please type in keywords in the search engines Google and see the results of the Google Search Engine Result Page, who finished top 10 google wearing what the domain name. Usually dominated by the domain name. Com,. Net and. Org.

seo services in los angeles
seo services in los angeles

Is the new domain can compete?

If I think still remain competitive in the Google SERP, although it took considerable extra effort to put our new website on the position that we expect, ie the first page of Google and other Search Engines. There are several factors that you can note the new domain so you can compete in the Google SERP:

Analysis of competitors

Analyzing a competitor can use external tools google keywords provided free by Google, or you can buy market samurai and also Stealth Competition Keywords analyzer. The point is to see how many competitors in the SERP, see the number of searchers in a month, and the amount of CPC. Try to find keywords that many seekers but few competitors.

Selection of major keywords

After you do a series of research keywords using the tools your mainstay, determine your major keywords. Keywords can consist of 3 main major keywords.

Selection of domain name

After the main keywords you specify the next step is to buy the domain. Choose a domain name ending in dot com, dot net or dot org. If no then separated by a space. Try entering keywords into the main domain name. The main keywords for example this blog is seo agency in los angeles,SEO Los Angeles , SEO Services Los Angeles, so I bought the domain seo company los angeles

Buying a domain

The next step is to buy a domain with keywords in domain names. Try to buy a domain in countries that will target your viewfinder.


Choose hosting that has a good service, and most importantly, is hosting a country lies in a region that will be our aim. For example the target market your product / service is the USA so try to buy the hosting of State USA. In order for fast loading website.

Engine website

Choosing the engine that will be used to build a website / blog for your company. I recommend using WordPress CMS only. WordPress themes are supported by thousands and thousands of supporters who are ready plugins you are using to compete in the Google SERP. Wordspress is a very popular CMS and also Search Engine Friendly.


Choose a theme that search engine optimization specialist Friendly, congenital WordPress themes about twenty very Search Engine Friendly. But if you choose another theme from the theme should also support the SEO strategy that you apply.

Setting title tags, meta tags, h1, h2, footer etc. (onpage SEO)

Once installed wordpress and the theme is installed, next is setting Tittle tags, meta tags, meta description and other onpage SEO. For setting the H1, H2 and so you can see this on the Theme of your choice.

Link Building

Get quality backlinks. Find who can really contribute to your company’s website. To build backlinks I’ve discussed in my previous writings, title: How to Choose SEO Services Backlinks packages. When it comes to fitness marketing there are many engaging campaigns you should follow or you can also help some fitness marketing companies that do work for you.

Submit article

Submit Articles in social bookmarking, blogs, social media, local directory, article directory, blog directory, search engine.

Blog walking

For bloggers would blog walking is an activity you can do your free time, but can to increase the backlinks of course you can know each other fellow bloggers.

Eleven of the above items you can apply your new domain to be able to compete with your competitors’ websites. In my opinion the most important thing is the number of competitors, the number of search and selection of the main keywords of your new website domain. If you successfully choose the keywords it will not take long for your domain will be able to compete and can generate revenue for you. It took at least 3 months to get organic traffic 300UV/days above. But if you can more quickly it is very good. And please shared how you get it in the comment below, thank you.

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