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Computer Science Professionals and Educators Meet Ben

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Our amazing team of computer science professionals and educators work together to make Launch the quality school that it is. Ben is one of our many talented curriculum writers who, together with our instructors, work to develop a curriculum that makes learning to code engaging and fun for kids. As a former bobcat and native Austinite, he completed his undergraduate studies in computer science with a minor in applied mathematics at Texas State University and also has an associates in Game Development from Austin Community College.

During the call, our Executive Director of Coding Franchise will answer any initial questions you might have and send you a copy of our franchise disclosure document.

coding apps for kids

“Working at Launch gives me an opportunity to show students what I wanted to learn at their age, and how to have fun doing it.”

Having started programming at 12-years-old, he has been coding for 15 years now! He says that working at launch gives him the opportunity to teach computer science in a fun modern way.

Our curriculum stays up to date and adapts to the new technology growing around us everyday. Our team has created a computer science foundation that will help your child become the future leaders of tomorrow. Come try out our curriculum at a coding apps for kids at Launch Code After School.

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