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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

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At Avi Glass we supply high quality Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Melbourne. We use a modular designed system that offers the benefit of having been designed and engineered specifically to meet all Australian Standards. This special system is a cost effective adaptive system that takes both safety and beauty into consideration. Our attractive frameless glass pool fencing can transform the appearance of your established pool area as well as compliment your new building project. The components of our fencing systems have each been tested to ensure they comply fully with relevant Australian safety standards.

Australian Standards Toughened Glass

To ensure safety and piece of mind, we use only toughened glass panels that are stamped with a small logo confirming the Australian Standard Licence Number. Our Frameless 12mm Glass panels are available in more than 20 sizes. Avi Glass cans also completely custom make panels to slope or step over any obstacle in your pool enclosure area. This ensures your frameless glass pool fence is both safe and beautiful.

Stainless Steel

Our frameless glass system uses mini posts (spigots), which are made from solid marine grade 316 stainless steel bar. The spigots are machined from a billet section rather than from a casting process, to ensure both their structural integrity and their long life.

Glass Gates

Avi Glass provides glass gates in four sizes and more than 30 variants (depending on operation configuration and hardware selection). We choose to use only Magna Latch gate hardware made by D&D Technologies, which is specifically designed for use with glass gates. Magna Latches are very easy to use, ensure safety, and have a lifetime warranty. They also feature concealed fixings and a sleek design to add to the attractive look of your Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Melbourne. We also offer soft closing Italian made Colon Hydraulic Hinges as part of our frameless gate range.

Custom Glass

Avi Glass can also provide custom frameless glass panels that are perfect for getting around any obstacles or challenges your pool fencing area might throw up.

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Not only can Avi Glass’ Semi Frameless Glass pool fencing make your pool area look stunning, but it’s also the most cost effective type of glass pool fencing on the market. Semi frameless glass pool fences have the benefit of being able to be fixed directly to a timber or concrete surface, and can also be installed directly into soil with concrete footings.

The construction of semi frameless glass pool fences is characterised by posts that support the glass panels on either side, unlike frameless glass pool fencing Somerville, which doesn’t have posts. However, like frameless glass pool fencing, semi frameless glass pool fencing does not require a top or bottom rail. Our Avi Glass fencing installers use glazing wedge rubbers to secure the semi frameless glass panels in your powder coated aluminium posts.

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