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Important Tips And Advice For Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery Diet

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gastric sleeve diet

gastric sleeve diet

So, What’s next after the Surgery?

Now that you have gone through the Gastric Sleeve Surgey, you will continue with your recovery phase, generally divided into three stages.

  • In the First Stage you’ll be feeding with a liquid diet.
  • In the Second Stage you’ll be feeding with a pureed diet.
  • And in Third Stage you’ll be feeding with a more solid diet.
gastric sleeve diet after one year
gastric sleeve diet after one year

Whay You Will Learn In This Post?

In this post we’ll be reviewing very important Tips that you will need for the First Stage of you Recovery Diet.  So, you’ll learn:

  • 9 Must-Tips you should know about your surgery after the gastric sleeve diet after one year.
  • What foods and supplements you can include to balance your diet.
  • Why is it important to add supplements in the first stage of your recovery.

TIP # 1

Your body Is The One Who Determines The Time Required For Recovery, Not Your Doctor.

The recovery period and the type of diet for a person who has undergone a Gastric Sleeve Surgery, varies from person to person.

Here in the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Diet  suggest that you should visit a nutritionist to determine what is the best diet you should follow, but you’re the one that determines the pace of it, more about this subject a little bit later, just bear with me.

Likewise, you should be very careful of the recovery time of your body and not force it more of what is capable, otherway you could deform or move the stomach band.

TIP # 2

Listen To Your Body To Know For How Long You Should Keep The Diet, Either Liquids Or Pureed.

There is nothing written in stone about how long you should be taking the initial liquid diet or purees. For example, if you’re already in the solid diet and you’re not comfortable with it, you should let your nutritionist know it, who will most likely combine your diet with less solid and let the liquid diet for a little bit longer.

TIP # 3

Be Sure To Include Protein And Calcium In Your Liquefied Diet.

Whatever be the time you need to go back your normal eating rutine, you most know that there are some food complements that you can not miss in your liquid diet, two of  them are proteins and calcium.

At the beginning of the recovery, is more difficult to ingest the necessary amount of protein and calcium required by your body, this is mostly because you will be feeding only with liquids.

TIP # 4

Along With Your Nutritionist, Design A Diet That Includes All The Nutrients You Need.

Having a small stomach does not mean that you no longer require the same amount of protein or calcium, on the contrary, it means that now your food should be carefully selected to meet your needs but with less food.

You could liquefy chicken breasts, beef or tuna, but not all people find nice the idea of drinking liquefied meat.

But do not worry, there are some delicious options.

TIP # 5

Meet All Your Needs Of Protein With  Low Carb  Powders Or Ready To Drink Shakes

recommends to target 30 – 60 grams of protein per day in your initial recovery stage. With the current product offering, it will not be difficult to meet this amount of protein.

To drink a protein shake is one of the best and most delicious way to meet your daily protein needs. But you must be aware that these shakes should not have large amounts of sugars, carbohydrates and salts, and they must contain high quality protein as well as vitamins and amino acids.  Here below we presents you some products that cover these requirements:

TIP # 6

Do Not Use Whole Milk To Meet Your Protein Needs After The gastric sleeve diet.

We do not recommend to ingest whole milk to meet your protein needs after your surgery and in your stage of recovery. There is a good reason for this…and this is that you will not have the amount of activity required to compensate, in some way, that fat cointeined in milk with exercise.

You can include skim milk in Stage Twi of your recovery if you want it to, or when your activity level increases considerably.


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