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6 Top Mobile App Development Trends In This Year

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People no longer access the internet on desktops today as much as they do with mobile phones. A few years ago, you could only use a computer to browse your favorite sites.

A global digital report from We are Social indicates that the number of Smartphone users across the globe has gone beyond 5 billion.

Amidst all these, mobile app development was is a bubble. Some skeptics had predicted it would wear out with time, but more mobile app developers are coming to strengthen the industry. And through this, we have all become accustomed to them.

Location-based apps augmented, and virtual reality development has all become part of the system. And if you want your website to perform well and stay ahead of the competition, you need apps.

Statistics reports that apps are expected to generate $188.9 billion in revenues by 2020.

There is no denying this figure will be a reality, basing on the momentum they have already gained. A brighter future is looming with better trends already making way on the market.

The change can be even greater considering the 5G network introduction. There is no telling how far mobile apps will go in impacting the world of the computer. Those familiar with augmented reality can already feel the adrenaline rush.

Here are the Trends to Look Out for this Year:

AMP and EMM mobile pages acceleration

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Application Performance Management (AMP) is a listing introduced in 2016 by Google. They are being included in the app framework to improve HTML providing better user experience.

Machine learning & AI

Mobile apps are now relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide a better user experience. AI comes in the form of chatbots and is as much part of mobile app development. The demand for these two features keeps rising by the day.

Demand for Wearable Devices and IoT

The app was the first company to introduce apps for wearable devices, and the constraint has been listed since then. More developer is coming up with better apps for smartwatches and other devices. And more watches, fitness bands, movement trackers and more are yet to come up, all integrated with your mobile device.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

AR and VR are on here for eternity. Mobile developers are expected to come up with apps to improve experiences in the AR and VR compatible hardware. There is more coming o the market this year, and the storm has already set in.

Mobile wallets/payment gateways

As the e-commerce industry continues to expand, users are expecting better features throughout this industry set on technology. Among the expected goodies are frictionless payment methods from all the apps they use. The world has slowly moved from cash to credit, to debit, to mobile wallets and now digital currency is set in. This makes mobile commerce a preferred shopping mode.

More security in mobile apps

Now that top companies like Uber, Facebook and Google are acknowledging security lapses, mobile app developers are investing more in security as well. A user can now enjoy more data privacy and protection laws.

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