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What is interpreting and translation services? What is their role in global communication?

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Interpreting and Translation Services

In a world where we are hyperactively connected to the global community, where we have to communicate with a wider population having different languages, ethnicities and cultures. We in this digital and global village just can’t afford to let language be a barrier. Letting it is just the opposite to risking the growth of your business, be it on an individual level or governmental level. 

The ability to communicate is required to overcome this linguistic barrier. And this is possible only through interpreting and translating. If you are interested to know what is interpreting and translation services and how it helps in the international communication, this blog is for you!

Interpretation services

Interpretation is mostly performed in person. You can also do this by phone, using the Over Phone Interpretation Service (OPI) and video communications. Language interpretation requires a person to have oral communication skills in both the source and target languages. 

This is dual knowledge, the ability to transfer thoughts and ideas from the source language into stable and meaningful words in English or any target language. In a sense, the interpreter works by paraphrasing.You need interpretation services at any time when you work with partners or customers who do not speak your native language.

Translation services 

Unlike interpretation of the language that provides conversion of language orally in real-time, translation service is based on text. As a professional translator, one translates the text of flyers and graphic symbols on Internet pages and books in her native language. The translation should be an accurate, functional version of the source material. Translation services deals with a complex, highly technical process that can only be best performed by specialists, qualified and experienced language experts.

If we talk about what is better? The answer will be both. Because both the services are required at different places and scenarios and both have their own kind of significance in breaking linguistics and communication barrier. So this is a no debate topic. Know about your business and choose as per what your demands and requirements are.

Why is translation and interpretation service essential in global communication and business growth?

By now, we know what is interpreting and translation services, let us talk about their importance in global industries. No doubt English is the most popular language right now, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. Other languages are becoming increasingly important, as in a number of developing countries, as their economies grow. 

First of all, translation also provides you with information and insights across borders, countries, and cultures. In many cases, the translation leads to some changes in history. Let us look at its examples: Arabic translators used to keep the ideas of Greek philosophers to life in the Middle Ages, The Holy Bible has been translated into at least 533 languages, Moreover translation is  helping sports teams overcome language barriers

Interpreting and Translation

For example, if you are a professional baseball player who has signed a contract with an American team from another country, such as Japan, the team often hires a specialist to help you with the ability to communicate with other team members and the media.

If you are the owner of a company with a growing global scope, you may want to consider using professional translators to promote positive, ongoing communication with clients. In 2014, translation services started developing, and they will continue to be an important part of global business partners. Many companies around the world continue to grow in other countries and creating translation services is a key element of the company’s success go here.

The role of interpreter and translator in prominent fields

Translators and interpreters provide service in many areas of business and are focused on specified areas. Some of the areas of business where interpreters and translators perform important roles like: 

  1. Skilled business interpreters:

Business interpreters include specialized translations in different fields like marketing, finance etc. The translator and interpreter must have favorable knowledge of the current events of relevant markets and businesses. This includes the transport documents such as financial statements etc.

  1. Medical translators and interpreters:

Medical translators contribute to develop better communication between patients and hospital management. Moreover, they also help in translating hospital brochures and magazines. Medicare translators and interpreters will also have a solid knowledge of the medical terms and components as per patients’ language and cultural context. 

  1. Conference interpreter:

Conference interpreters deal with international bodies like World Bank, the WTO, etc. Where participant from around the world has to interact with each other, in some of the cases, such translators also act as intermediaries amongst foreign businesses’ operating abroad. Conference translators are skilled in translating from a minimum of two artificial languages’ ​​into a working language, such as from French and Spanish to English.

Localization interpreters and translator: 

Localization includes the overall conversion of an item to be used in a different cultural aspect and language. The interpreter has an immense level of knowledge about the local consumer of the item. The major purpose of the local translators is to convert the item to the original item in the area of the country where it will be sponsored and sold.


To sum up what has been stated above, in this growing world where businesses are not bound by borders anymore, language services are an opportunity for a company to improve its own finances, as well as contribute to the global economy. 

To make a mark in the global community, it is one of the most important criteria for a company to know what is interpreting and translating services and join forces with a translation service provider. This significantly improves the relationship with the client, together with helping to strengthen its position in the global market.

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